Evap Aircon Service and Breakdown

Evap aircon

Evaporative Aircon and Breakdowns It’s the time of the year when our aircon runs literally 24/7. And it has too, other wise it is just too hot to cope. With this marvellous device sitting on top of our roof blowing in beautiful cold air, we often do not see what actually happens inside it.  How […]


ANtenna Angle Vale

Antenna and TV points There is a lot of new homes coming up here in Angle Vale, Virginia, Two Wells and Munno Para.  And most new homes do not come with an antenna. As we walked our dogs through Miravale the other day, we saw many homes had antennas from a hardware store on their […]

Women in Contracting

Award Winner

Who does all the work in a trade business? Is it the tradie on the road? Is it the apprentice in the trenches? Or is it the women in the background? The ones most people do not see and often get overlooked? Master Electrician Australia (MEA) has identified that the forces in the background, the […]

Bathroom heater

3 in 1 Bathroom heater Is your bathroom a bit chilly? Why not add a 3 in 1 Bathroom heater. Did you know the light of a 3 in 1 Bathroom heater has become more energy efficient as some of them come now in LED. Each of a 3 in 1 Bathroom heater has an exhaust […]

Why You Must Have a Photelectric Smoke Alarm

Households should replace their old smoke alarms with photoelectric alternatives, according to the Fire and Rescue Services. Why? Photoelectric alarms provide earlier warning for fires that are slow burning or smoldering. They can also detect a wide variety of fires.This in turn gives YOU more time to escape, which is important given that many fires […]

10 questions to ask before hiring an electrician

10 Questions to ask a spark Here at GESA we know that you want value for your money when hiring any kind of tradesperson, and that’s why we encourage our clients to ask questions, you deserve to know what your spend your money on. Asking questions gives you important knowledge that could be the difference […]

4 Common Electrical Dangers Around Swimming Pools

Is Your Pool Electrical Safe? Electric shock is a danger that you cannot see, hear or smell. And it is even more dangerous around water. Electrical dangers in and around the pool can result in electric shock and even death. When setting up electric equipment around the pool area, there are a few simple rules […]