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Why You Must Have a Photelectric Smoke Alarm

Households should replace their old smoke alarms with photoelectric alternatives, according to the Fire and Rescue Services.


Photoelectric alarms provide earlier warning for fires that are slow burning or smoldering. They can also detect a wide variety of fires.
This in turn gives YOU more time to escape, which is important given that many fires happen while people are asleep.

What’s the difference?

Photoelectric alarms look similar to other alarms. However, unlike conventional alarms they do not have a radiation logo on them. Alarms with a radiation logo should be replaced immediately.


Where do they go?

Smoke alarms need to be placed between bedrooms and the main escape route on each level of the house.

By law, every home build or purchased after 1-Jan 1998 needs to have at least one 240V smoke alarm per level per hallway serving bedrooms AND they must be interconnected. That means that once one goes off, so do all


What next?

Photoelectric alarms can be purchased and installed from GESA.


Did you know?

Smoke alarm last only about 10 years. So even though you have one, how do you know if it works? Next time you replace your battery check the label on the alarm. Or better, CALL GESA and have it done professionally, guaranteed.

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