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Home Automation

Change a mood, light it up, listen in and switch on with modern home automation.

A GESA home automation is fast and painless

GESA was one of the first companies in Adelaide’s north to specialise in home automation systems, and today our intelligent system installations are everywhere.


The best building automation solution on the market

Intelligent System

FIBARO is the only system on the market to monitor individual devices

Alarms & Voice First

FIBARO can be incorporated with alarms, as well as Google Home & Alexa.

The ultimate in smart living

Automated appliances, gardens, lighting, aircon and heat, gates and blinds, music, security and more, at the push of a button.

Consider this…

Wake up with the blinds open, just how you like them. Switch lights on and off. Secure your home when you leave with just one click. Smart sensors keep your home safe. The temperature is controlled. Voice commands start up home entertainments, then set the mood for sleep. GESA can create this world, quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re already living in the future, when we can keep our house well-lit, secure and enjoy music or entertainment in a simple voice or app command. Oh, and save on electricity bills.

No. It has a non-invasive installation process and is compatible with every electrical system.

Yes. FIBARO checks the status of your individual devices, such as knowing the exact position of a blind. 

That’s likely! It’s compatible with the majority of smartphones, plus integrates with your security system. 

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