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Commercial Security Cameras

For security, peace of mind and a sense of safety at your home

View security footage on your smartphone 24/7

Keeping your business safe has never been easier. Today’s modern security systems keep your valuables safe and give you a bird’s eye view. 

Hikvision and HiWatch cameras

Trusted, compact, modern and user-friendly

Digital and IP CCTV Systems

Strong signals and remote footage backup

Analogue CCTV Systems

On-site security camera systems keep you in control

Intercom Systems

Handy intercoms for peace of mind and safety

Security has changed for the better

Today, security has transformed into a modern, easy to use, compact solution that not only keeps you safe, it lets you know where the kids are and when your parcel is at the front door.

Consider this…

Burglaries make up to two thirds of everyday theft, and visible security cameras discourage would-be thieves. We design a security plan based on our clients’ needs and install modern security systems that do more than keep your business safe. From 24/7 smartphone access to knowing your deliveries have arrived, you can watch over your home and, via alerts, know the moment there’s an anomaly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Security systems can feel daunting, but technology has come a long way and modern systems are fantastic. We talk to clients and create a security plan to meet the budget, need and property type for a perfect result.

Simply contact us, and Mishi or Garry will listen to what you need, make recommendations, and provide a formal quote.

Get in touch with us! We can absolutely work on, and respect, older homes and systems to increase safety and convenience. 

In short, everything! We’re highly experienced and handle everything from security systems to TV antennas and down lights. 

Contact us and let’s discuss your job, for a fast scope and quote