Evap Aircon Service and Breakdown

Evap aircon

Evaporative Aircon and Breakdowns It’s the time of the year when our aircon runs literally 24/7. And it has too, other wise it is just too hot to cope. With this marvellous device sitting on top of our roof blowing in beautiful cold air, we often do not see what actually happens inside it.  How […]


ANtenna Angle Vale

Antenna and TV points There is a lot of new homes coming up here in Angle Vale, Virginia, Two Wells and Munno Para.  And most new homes do not come with an antenna. As we walked our dogs through Miravale the other day, we saw many homes had antennas from a hardware store on their […]

Women in Contracting

Award Winner

Who does all the work in a trade business? Is it the tradie on the road? Is it the apprentice in the trenches? Or is it the women in the background? The ones most people do not see and often get overlooked? Master Electrician Australia (MEA) has identified that the forces in the background, the […]